UONostalgia Shard(s) – December 2019

Last update to this post was December 22.

Note 1: It had been a few years and the server was running fine so, it is now on new hardware now as of December 11th. UONostalgia still shuts down and restarts at 05:00 Eastern every day WITHOUT WARNING IN GAME. There is a period before shutdown during which progress is not saved. Remember to check your local time and get to a “safe place”, or find an advantage, before that occurs (04:30 Eastern, daily, at earliest).

Note 2: No evidence has been found that any player, or players, have activated and competed a Champion Spawn yet. Standard player searches yield that no character has a skill over 100. It is unknown if this is a player initiative issue or a bug. If you complete a Champion Spawn or if you find that it does not work as intended please leave a comment or email ultimanostalgia@gmail.com.

Note 3: We have been using CrossUO almost exclusively. It is extremely useful to login and have access to assist features (you have to check the beta box to have the assist features). The map is ok; not great. The UOSteam map option is more accurate. The following is the login information that is most reliable for both CrossUO and UOSteam:

Shard: shard.uonostalgia.com
Port: 2593

Note 4: UONostalgia started up a Time of Legends (ToL) server on December 16th. THIS SERVER USES THE MOST RECENT CLIENT AND IS AT PORT 2594 NOT 2593.
This server has:
Enhanced client support.
Time of Legends expansion.
2 accounts per IP.
2 houses per account.
3000 skill cap.
350 stat cap (max 150 per / 175 enhanced).
The Ultima Store uses gold not Sovereigns.

Note 4.1 (ToL server notes): Added a vendor with Recall Mark and Gate Travel scrolls east of Luna Gate. NPC vendor changes like this and others are ready for update to server.

This post will be updated throughout the month of December 2019.

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