UO Outlands – An Ultima Online Shard

A free shard for your consideration found at: https://uooutlands.com/

“UO Outlands is a free-to-play Ultima Online shard set in the T2A era which launched on Ocober 27, 2018. Our mission from the onset has been to create a version of Ultima Online which enhances every aspect of gameplay, creating a shard which we believe emulates how Ultima Online should have always been had it stayed the course.”

“As a development team, our main goal from the beginning has been to create a place for you, our players, to play for the long term. We know from experience that there is nothing more frustrating than investing your limited time and energy into a server only to have it closed on you, or the population move on.”

About: https://uooutlands.com/about-outlands/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCix4ksuE-RD9JUF9pgvGniQ

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