Ultima Online Expansions

These are the Ultima Online expansions that have been released over the years. Not every expansion, nor all of the features of such, are available on the UONostalgia shard.

Ultima Online: The Second Age (1998)Ultima Online: The Second Age (1998)
The Second Age was the first expansion for the Ultima Online MMORPG. The expansion added several features to the game, including a new region called the Lost Lands, new creatures, and support for player-built cities. The expansion is popularly referred to as “T2A,” (The Second Age). The Second Age was developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts. It was the last Ultima Online expansion designed by Raph Koster.

Ultima Online: Renaissance (2000)Ultima Online: Renaissance (2000)
Doubled the size of the world, adding a second copy. Prior to its release, the expansion was said to double the amount of room in the game, but that it would not use a duplicate of the map, rather it would be adding new content. It was later found in the previews that Renaissance simply added a mirror world under different rules. The worlds were called Felucca and Trammel, after the two moons in Ultima’s Britannia world. The Trammel world did not allow player killing and was geared towards fighting monsters. Felucca adopted a darker, more foreboding look and kept its player vs player roots.

Ultima Online: Third Dawn (2001)Ultima Online: Third Dawn (2001)
This expansion introduced 3D models to the Ultima Online MMORPG franchise. While the game still maintained its scaled, overhead view, the character animation was much smoother with the introduction of the Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn client (a more sophisticated 3D Ultima Online client), the Third Dawn client is obsolete, and no longer usable.

Lord Blackthorne's Revenge (2002)Lord Blackthorne’s Revenge (2002)
This was the first of the two “darker” Ultima Online MMORPG expansions (the  second being Ultima Online: Age of Shadows). The game featured creatures designed by Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn in comics). The story is about the return of Lord Blackthorn, the corrupt noble who usurped the throne of Lord British in Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny. Included in the game box was a comic drawn by McFarlane.

Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (2003)Ultima Online: Age of Shadows (2003)
Brought the landmass of Malas with space for new housing, two new character classes (Paladin and Necromancer) and the ability to customize house designs. The item system was reworked with this expansion. Armor resistance was split into five types and many new properties that affected game play were added to weaponry. As good equipment became vital, this expansion also brought with it item insurance. Subscriptions reached a peak of over 250,000 accounts following the release.

Ultima Online: Samurai Empire (2004)Ultima Online: Samurai Empire (2004)
Brought ancient Japanese mythology and folklore to the game, two new classes (Ninja and Samurai) and a new area to explore, the Tokuno Islands. The new class skills shifted the balance of player vs. player combat away from mage dominance.

Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss (2009)Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss (2009)
Featured a new playable race, the Gargoyle; additional play areas; and three new skills: imbuing, throwing and mysticism. Stygian Abyss also featured significant upgrades to the Kingdom Reborn client, which has been renamed to the Enhanced Client. The original client was still supported. Many of these features are not available on the UONostalgia shard.

Ultima Online: Time of Legends (2015)Ultima Online: Time of Legends (2015)
New Areas: Shadowguard and Valley of Eodon; two new champion spawns; сompleting the virtue system; lots of new items; new skill-masteries; updates to classic housing. Many of these features are not available on the UONostalgia shard.

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