The Lost City (free) Shard

A free shard for your consideration found at:

Medium sized server, more than ten years of costume scripting and updating, balanced economy friendly community and professional admin to player attitude. You are welcome to try it and if you have found your new home you are welcome to stay.

Trees can be chopped down (making them disappear) so you can place a house in the middle of the forest. We have bio-engineering, meaning you can take a sample from a monster and create your own monster. Mix different monsters and make a unique pet. We have level-able weapons, armor, cloths, jewelry. Wear them during the fight to gain experience and upon reaching your next level spend a point improving: melee attributes, magic attributes, character stats, resistance etc.. Max item level is level 10, but using special scrolls you can bump it to whopping level 125. We also have some weapon’s coatings: Napalm Coating, Fire coating, Mana Leech Coating and the list goes on. You can have 3 accounts per IP connection and we allow the use of macros. We do not have a skill cap and PvP is available only in Felucca (be careful wandering around in that area).


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