Ultima Online Nostalgia Server Info

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UONostalgia.com was owned by someone in the past whom hosted an Ultima Online freeshard. I knew nothing about this until recently when players started logging in. These players were able to access UO Nostalgia using old information which is still available on various websites (ex: UO Gateway). Since I had left auto-account creation on, and coincidentally used the same sub-domain for the server, players whom found old sever information were able to create accounts and begin to play. This is fine by me! The more the merrier!

UO NostalgiaWith that said, if you want to play on UO Nostalgia please feel free to do so. UO Nostalgia is a personal project and a work in progress (using ServUO not UO Sphere Server). I guarantee nothing. You may find areas of the world which are over-spawned, have bugs, lag, etcetera (please let me know if you do). The login information can be found at the bottom of this blog post. There are many places on the internet which can guide you through the process of installing UO Classic Client and setting up Razor/UOSteam but If you have any problems or questions leave a message in the comments section.

Happy adventuring and good luck out there!

Server Login
Server: shard.uonostalgia.com
Port: 2593

Current Events 4-26-2016

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There are so many things to do in Ultima Online it is difficult to know where to start. Since I have this entire world to myself for now I am going to have to square away some quality of life stuff. First, I do not like to  have to rely on Razor macros, UOCartographer, or the like (except to load the client) and I would like for new characters to have easier access to the
world once in game. So, I decided to begin by training a scribe/mage and a paladin using the enhanced client to recreate Goodman’s Rune Library. I think this will be a good test, a fun experience, and in the end I will have a couple of characters to adventure with. Brief as follows:

Ultima Online Enhanced Client Working?
After fiddling with a few things the enhanced client is working and I haven’t come upon any trouble yet except for missing strings within menus. When loaded into the enhanced client using UoSALoader everything else seems to work after resetting all of the options to default and turning on legacy containers (without grids). I will try to use this client exclusively until I discover the missing strings fix.

Footprint for Goodman’s Runes.

Recreation of Goodman’s Runes in Progress
The footprint for Goodman’s Rune Library is in place and I will be mapping the placement of the runebooks (not the runes) from the official Atlantic server this week. I am going to complete this build with a player character so it will take some time before I have trained up enough Magery, Inscription, etc. and gathered the gold required for the structure. I may also start up my mule character prior to the completion of the Goodman’s Rune Library structure. At that point I will change ore spawns to be static so that I can create runebooks for the different colored ores.

For more information check out the UOGuide page on Goodman’s Rune Library. The UOGuide page does not include all of the history but it does include details about the current layout and location.

With all of that said: It took me a few days to come up with this short list as a starting point but I think it will work. Going forward there are still a lot of skills to test and a huge world to explore. I am not certain what will work, what won’t, or what I will find but I am looking forward to all of it.

Until next time, have fun out there!

Ultima Online / ServUO 2016

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Ultima Online LogoUltima Online is a good game. My UO experience started in 1998. I unsubscribed after 10 years of play. It was one of the greatest gaming experiences I have ever had. Houses full of items collapsed, real life took the lead, and I moved on. I have played on free shards and toyed with UO server applications such as Sphere and RunUO once or twice every year since.

In January I subscribed to the official servers again and found it exhausting within 3 months. Pricing up the armor pieces I currently want, or the items/skill required to make my own, comes to over 80 million in time/gold for one character and near 40-45 million each for the other 6 on Atlantic. I would rather keep it simple and just have fun.

ServUO is being actively worked on so, I got it up and running last Thursday night at a local server location with a public IP. I provided my own hardware and was able to set everything up myself very easily. I will be working on testing things out for a little while and I intend on opening UO Nostalgia for everyone in future.

Let the new adventures begin!

Thank you for your help thus far:
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