How Gamers Killed Ultima Online Virtual Ecology

When creating Ultima Online, Richard Garriott had grand dreams. Richard and Starr Long planned on implementing a virtual ecology into their massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It was an ambitious system, one that would have cows that graze and predators that eat herbivores. However, once the game went live a small problem had arisen…

Ultima Online Free Shard Running ServUO

UONostalgia Ultima Online Free ShardUONostalgia is an Ultima Online free shard running on the ServUO server emulator. This is a personal project and a work in progress. I guarantee nothing.
With that said:

UONostalgia primarily tries to make itself unique by only including Britannia/Lost Lands [under the Felucca rulseset] and Ileshnar/Tokuno [under the Trammel ruleset]. This reduces the amount of knowledge required to get into the game as a new player while still providing enough restriction to challenge veteran players into trying new and different “end-game” strategies.

In that vein, new characters begin with 60 of each statistic and a Skill Ball in their pack which allows the selection of 7 skills to be set at 50 points each. Be aware that this item reduces all of your skills to 0 prior to setting 7 skills to 50 each. It can be used at anytime but it can only be used once. Since new characters start at the Britain Bank it is suggested you use it upon character creation [within range of a banker or minter] to override or enhance your chosen template.

As evidenced, this Ultima Online free shard/server does not match all of the features that the official servers provide nor does it try to. There are most obviously map limitations and character creation changes but there are also a lot of things such as interactive items/commands, event differences [or availability], even NPC purchasable items. With these alterations in place is still, as always, an excellent resource to answer most in game questions about skills, quests, enemy details, virtues, item locations, general game-play, and a ton of others. If you have any questions you cannot find an answer for please ask in the comment section here.

Installation and Account Creation

UO Classic Client(This process is under review as of 3/29/2018. New client package available here. To use: Download the new client package and extract to your hard drive. Next download and install UOSteam (which you can get here). In UOSteam configure client location and UO directory, set shard to port 2593, no encryption, play. Detailed instructions to come.)

Old instructions from 6/9/2016:

UONostalgia is currently using the most recent version of the Ultima Online Classic Client at the time of this writing. There is no support for the Enhanced Client. You can download the Classic UO client installer from here. Ensure that the client is installed, fully updated, and closed before continuing through these instructions.

With the client you now have installed you are able to log onto the official servers (which UONostalgia is not). There are multiple ways to tell the client to login to alternate servers instead. In these instructions we will use UOSteam. So, head over to and download the installer. Install UOSteam. Once complete, open the program (as administrator for Windows users) and edit the settings to look like this:


You may have to adjust the settings for Client Options and Ultima Online. If you used the default UO installation settings UOSteam should work fine as is for Windows users. When configured correctly – pressing the start button will load your Ultima Online client and bring you to the login screen for UONostalgia.

Once the steps above are complete you are ready to create your account. To create an account on UONostalgia you need only open your client using UOSteam or your preferred alternate, enter the server information above, and login using whatever username and password you would like to use.

Login with whatever you want your account information to be. Your account will be automatically created for you.

The fine print…
Do not lose your login information; Auto account creation is currently restricted to one per IP. UONostalgia is a personal project under development. Please email if you have account creation issues, login problems, or need additional accounts.

You are now ready to create a character and start adventuring. Good luck!

Current Events – September 2016

This post will be updated regularly as an attempt to address common issues throughout September [last update 9/21].

Let’s begin with the most common issue new players have had thus far. Becoming overweight when using the Skill Ball:

Upon creating a new character you are given a one use Skill Ball in your pack. This item reduces all of your skills to zero and allows you to choose seven skills to set at 50 points each. When using your Skill Ball you may become overweight. This is because when you choose new skills you are given items and/or gold for each skill you choose. Since new characters start at Britain Bank [assuming you want to use this item right away] ensure you can open your bank before using this item. If you use this item after adventuring for some time please do so at a bank.

Issue two would be that new players are unaware of the following available commands:

Though not entirely perfect this includes useful features. Bandage speed is good. Also Tithing points, fame, karma, kill count, LMC, and LRC and others. The command IS useful — so use it.

You can place three houses per account. Only one will auto-refresh. The [myhouses command brings up a list and offers teleportation alongside other options.

This targets items and sends them to the public donation box. You can find the donation box within The First Bank of Britain. All players have unlimited access to any items donated. Please recycle them, sell them, or use them as you would with any other items. The box will sort itself after a period of time, no worry.

Issue three is the banking system:

When you drop gold into your bank it will disappear — this is normal behavior. Your gold has not actually disappeared, it was deposited. When in range of a banker or minter: You can speak “bank” to open you bank, “balance” to view your balance, and “withdraw X” [where X is what you want to withdraw] to put gold into your pack. Larger purchases will be automatically deducted from your bank thus removing the need to carry massive amounts of gold.

Issue four is new player death and locating a healer afterwards.

Two changes will be applied tomorrow. The first will be that all new characters will begin with 60 in each statistic and no longer have to bounce skills to achieve this level [the STR bonus also helps the most common issue – becoming overweight when using the skill ball].

The second is a new item called Potion of Rebirth. This item can be purchased from healers for 1 gold BEFORE you need a healer. You must activate this item when you are alive. When activated it will auto resurrect you 30 seconds after death. Activation lasts until you die or the server restarts [10AM UTC].

Tokuno Artifacts Stone

Tokuno Artifacts on UONostalgia are available as drops from time to time because this shard only includes Britannia, Lost Lands, llshenar, and Tokuno. The event is not always active. When it is, the drop era and reward eras are randomized. This is done via the Tokuno Stone (made available via a bit of code found on ServUO).

Ihara Soku, Imperial Minister of Trade

Tokuno Artifact drops can be traded in to Ihara Soku, the Imperial Minister of Trade, for higher level rewards. As a player you will not be made aware of which drop or reward era is active without participating in the event. You can find additional details on drop-era items and reward-era items starting here: UOGuide Artifacts (ToT).

Tokuno Artifacts Stone
The Tokuno Artifacts Stone, First Bank Of Britain

The Tokuno Stone notifies players and staff when an event is active and can be found at the First Bank of Britain. When the stone is purple there are random Tokuno Artifact drops available alongside a random reward era. When the stone is black only a random reward era is available. Teleportation to various Tokuno locations, including Makoto-Jima where Ihara Soku resides, are available via the World Omniporter (Omniporter credit here).

Good luck!

Original Ultima Online Music

This is the original Ultima Online music which was in MIDI. The following files were converted to MP3 by JC the Builder of UOGuide [link]. These files can be listened to here on, downloaded on PC for use to overwrite the music in your game folder, or are playable via any available MP3 player you have (download availability varies by browser – generally right click options).

A number of these files have already been applied to the Ultima Online Nostalgia client package and the newer versions have been appended with the .bak file extension in case you choose to change them back.

Ultima Online ServUO, UOSteam, and Omniporter

xx Archived Post xx

UOSteam-MapUOServUO version 0.5 is working as expected. I am running UO Classic Client version and using UOSteam version 1.0.5 to login. UOSteam offers features similar to Razor, a decent map which you can set a hotkey to open, and spell grids.

Having rediscovered Omniporter I have changed direction on the rune house. It has been a lot of fun thus far but can be simplified by using the Omniporter for common things and reducing the rune library to more specific locations. This is how I am going forward as I have always liked the Omniporter script.

Other things: I have stopped using the 3D client for now because it became a hassle. I have not made ore spawns static and am considering not doing so (there are mining places EVERYWHERE). I have also been modifying or adding XML spawners and decorating areas in the world where I think it is appropriate. Aside from adventuring with a few characters and obtaining GM in some skills, that’s about it so far.

Have fun out there!